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2020 Medical Gas System-Inspital(1)
2020 Medical Gas System-Inspital(1)


Signal Repeater


It is used with the purpose of expanding the coverage area if the distance between the
patient call units and the nurse panel is excessive. There is no restriction on the number of
repeaters to be used in the environment. Requires external 5V Supply.


Wireless Reporter Software

With the Reporter software, the calls made on system can be logged and reported. The
software also doubles as a monitor for receiving calls, displaying calls in priority order with icons and colors indicating
the call type: Nurse Call, Nurse Presence, WC Call, and Code Blue
• The software can be muted and unmuted with a single button. It features a Night Service toggle to forward all calls
received to another panel.
• There is also a feature to set custom reminder alarms.
• All of the call logs and reminder logs can be viewed and filtered.
• Pager and Forwarding Panel settings can be configured.
• The program also allows names to be given to specific call points so that that name will appear in the logs and the
call receiving scree

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