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122 80700 Double Scrub Sink

Double Scrub Sink CAREHORIZON

Surgical Scrub Sink Double Stainless Steel 80700 Üzümcü


It is designed for use by 2 people at the same time and is made of 304 quality stainless steel for the surgical team to provide preoperative hand antisepsis.

It has a photocell display screen on which the temperature and duration of the water flowing from each battery are monitored alternately.


It has a rounded concave corner in accordance with international hygienic norms, taking to consideration the usage areas and user requests. It provides ease of use with the water flow controlled by the panel and the soap flow controlled by the knee panel.


It has an internal thermostatic valve that allows the water temperature to be adjusted according to the user”s request.

  • External Dimensions665x1600x1240 mm
  • Water controlPhotocell and knee pressure switch
  • Liquid soap controlKnee control
  • Heat settingThermostatic water valve
  • Foot features4 ball joint feet
  • Foot height230 mm
  • Number of taps2 pieces
  • Number of soap dispensers2 pieces
  • Body materialStainless steel
  • Number of LCD displays2 pieces
  • Water temperature displayLCD display
  • Time counterLCD display

Brand: Üzümcü

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