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49 Gynecological Table JM 4F

Technical Spec [JM-4F]

Gynecological Table JM-4F Üzümcü


JM-4F is a model designed for gynecological examinations and interventions. Through 3 motors on the table, it can make height, back and Trendelenburg adjustments.

The roll cover dispenser positioned at the back is placed in order to meet patient comfort and hygiene requirements.

The waste collection system integrated under the sitting area, support hygiene conditions.

The knee support section is made of polyurethane material and can rotate 360 degrees around its own axis and is fixed at the desired angle.

The lifting capacity of the table is 180kg

  • Backrest movement+50°
  • Trendelenburg+30°
  • Back length590 x 875 mm
  • Seat length600 x 415 mm
  • Height (min)540 mm (cushioned)
  • Height (max)840 mm (cushioned)
  • Number of engines3 units
  • Cushion thickness80 mm
  • Number of cushion pieces2 pieces
  • Wheel diameter”Front Ø57 mm Polyamide material 2 pcs At the back Ø29 mm Brass material 1 piece
  • ” Number of wheels3 pieces
  • Maximum patient weight180 kg
  • Roll holderYes
  • Cushion materialVisco elastic sponge
  • Waste collection tubYes
  • Control controllerWired hand and foot controller
  • Standard accessories IV pole OM-1101 piece
  • Arm support OM-1201 piece
  • Gynecological knee support OM-2201 pair
  • Wrist fixation belt OM-1521 piece

Brand: Üzümcü

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