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Operating Table OP-2P Üzümcü


OP-2P operating table is a product designed to perform all kind of surgical operations.

OP-2P operating table performs all its electromechanical movements with a wired handset and body control unit.

For frequently used positions, it can store 5 different positions by using the memory feature and provide the opportunity to reach these positions quickly.


Height adjustment, back position, trendelenburg, reverse trendelenburg, lateral tilt and horizontal sliding movements can be made with easy-to-use wired hand and body control.


Through the elevator integrated on the table for kidney surgery, an angle of 300 degrees and a height of 12 cm can be reached, these figures provide the user with maximum surgical field visibility and operational success.


Through the foot pedal located at the back of the operating table, the central brake system is easily activated and securely fixes the table.


It increases user’s comfort during operation with its table height varying between 80 cm and 120 cm. The head and foot sections can be quickly positioned manually by the gas piston system.


When desired, these sections can be easily removed and different accessories can be used according to the need.

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