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INSPITAL Surgical Suction Units are designed for the suction of surgical fluids, gases and other wastes in operation
area during and after the surgery. Device creates stable vacuum performance at adjusted vacuum level thanks to its
maintenance free oil-less vacuum pump. Wide range of accessories makes the device very suitable for many different
departments in the hospital.


  • SU60.10 2x3L Reusable Vacuum Jar
  • SU60.15 2x5L Reusable Vacuum Jar
  • SU60.05 2x3L Reusable Vacuum Jar, Extractor
  • SU60.TP 2x3L Reusable Vacuum Jar, Twin-Pump
  • SU60.22 2x2L Disposable Liner
  • SU60.33 2x3L Disposable Liner

Main Body, Pump and Control

  • Rapid suction with 60 L/Min flow rate, adjustable vacuum power at 680 mmHg
  • Vacuum adjustments by easily accessible control panel and vacuum
    manometer for monitoring vacuum level
  • Maintenance free, silent, non-vibrating, oil free vacuum pump
  • Easy to clean, robust body design which is compatible with
    hospital cleaning and disinfection system

Safety Jar (Optional)

  • Protective technology preventing overflow and liquid
    leakage to pump system

Wide Range of Jars

  • Collecting jars with scaled body, integrated & easy to carry handle
  • 2 L and 3 L capacity options for disposable liners with autoclavable
    polycarbonate jars

Foot Switch

  • Designed to be used in delivery operations via Malmstrom-Throe
    method by its integrated pedal system.
  • Device has optional delivery assistance equipment as birth cups and
    cannula sets.

Surgical Suction Jar

♦♦ Made of transparent polycarbonate material
♦♦ 2 L, 3 L and 5 L carrying capacity alternatives
♦♦ Sterilizable jars at 1210 C
♦♦ Adapter for wall connection

Central Suction Trolley

  • Integrated vacuum regulator
  • Liner and lid are made of durable plastic
  • Trolley with 2 pcs vacuum jar capacity
  • Polycarbonate, transparent vacuum jars with silicone hoses
  • Sterilizable jars at 121°

AT20.75T 2x3L Reusable Vacuum Jar
AT20.75F 2x5L Reusable Vacuum Jar
AT20.75D 2x3L Disposable Liner


Suction Liner

  • No contact with patient
  • Liner and lid are made of durable plastic
  • Liners are flexible
  • Disinfectant, foam inhibitor and gelling agents are optionally

Rail Attachment

  • AT20.37 For 25 x 5 mm Rail

Yankauer Tipped Hose

  • AT20.40 1,8 Meter Hose
  • AT20.41 Suction Cannula tip

Silicone / PVC Tube

  • AT20.47 8 x 14 mm (silicone)
  • AT20.46 6 x 11 mm (silicone)
  • AT20.44 8 x 12 mm (PVC)
  • AT20.45 10 x 14 mm (PVC)

Wall Attachment

  • AT20.50 For 25 x 5 mm Rail

Vacuum Control Connector

  • AT20.54 Control Connector

Suction Cannula, Plastic

  • AT20.55 Non-Sterile

Tube Connector

  • AT20.52 Non-Sterile

Kapkon Connector

  • AT20.53 Kapkon Connector

Suction Liner Probe

  • AT20.78 With Manometer
  • AT20.79 Without Manometer

Cannula Set

  • SU95.30 Cannula Set, 5 pcs

Silicone Birth

  • SU95.10 Silicone Birth Cup, 50 mm
  • SU95.15 Silicone Birth Cup, 60 mm
  • SU95.20 Silicone Birth Cup, 70 mm


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