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Operating Light DL-62D Üzümcü

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Consisting of 1 main and 1 satellite head, the main head of the DL-62D is 65 cm and the satellite head is 44 cm in diameter, which provides ease of use for narrow spaces.

The color temperature of the lights can be selected in 7 different settings between 3.500K – 5.000K.


These settings allow users to see the tissues in its true color.


The light level can be adjusted between 1-100 on the control panel and helps the user to set the desired light level exactly.


With a single touch on the control panel, the user can switch the light to endoscopy mode.


There are 68 LEDs in the main head and 28 LEDs in the satellite head.


Failure of a bulb during operation does not affect other bulbs and the lamp continues to work.


It will be enough to replace only the damaged bulb.

  • Max. Illumination power at 1 m (Main head)160.000 lux
  • Max. Luminous power at 1 m (Satellite head)120.000 lux
  • Main head diameterØ650 mm
  • Satellite head diameterØ440 mm
  • Number of heads2
  • Control panel (for each head)4.3″” LCD touch panel
  • Main title focus diameter120 – 300 mm
  • Satellite head focus diameter150 mm
  • Color temperature3500k – 5000k (7 steps)
  • Color discrimination indexCRI RA 96%
  • Light intensity adjustment1-100%
  • Parent topic Number of LED modules68
  • Number of satellite header LED modules28
  • LED lifetime60.000 hours
  • Protection against water and dustIP 54
  • Irradiation level / Illuminance levelEe/Ec= 3.21 mW/m2.lx
  • Main title light depth120 cm
  • Satellite head light depth100 cm
  • Main topic total consumption85 W
  • Satellite head total consumption55 W
  • Endoscopy modeYes
  • Laminar flow harmonyYes

Brand: Üzümcü

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