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work stools chair with foot release



Being innovative means always re-evaluating products and their benefits against the backdrop of changing requirements or the development of advanced technologies and materials. And if a pioneering generation of materials proves to be ready for the market, they can also be implemented in new products. With the new PUR integral (full) foam, a material from the group of polyurethanes for sitting cushions and backrests is now available for medical use, which in addition to a soft and breathable core has an increasingly firmer texture towards the outside. Full foam seats guarantee a high level of sitting comfort, a pleasant feeling on the surface, are robust in handling and free of seams – making them very easy to clean and disinfect. The material is light and facilitates “dynamic” sitting where you can actively change your position. Easycare and washable, PUR is characterised by its durability against many types of cleaning agents and disinfectants.


Pure sitting comfort:

The seat with 85 mm thick PUR full foam is pleasantly soft, free of seams and feels particularly good when you have to sit on it for hours.

Pure dynamic back:

The crescent-shaped fixed backrest offers you a secure hold and can also be used as an armrest.

Pure ease:

This work stool with foot release is made from special integral foam. It is pleasantly light. Its air ventilating texture guarantees a pleasant feeling when seated.

Pure innovation:

Full foam guarantees a non-slip hold thanks to closed, shock and waterproof surfaces. In addition, it is characterised by its durability against many types of cleaning agents.

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