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UV-C Flow Germicidal Lamps


System disinfects the air by the UV germicidal lamp located in the
disinfection chamber. It takes the contaminated air on one side
and gives the purified air on other side. Models with external UV
lamp provides a wider range of effective area.

  • Types of housing:
  • Stainless steel (INOX)
  • Coated aluminum sheet
  • Coated carbon steel sheet
  • Any RAL color available on request
  • Custom mounting elements available on request

Mounting options:

  • Supply Voltage :230 V, 50 Hz
  • Power consumption :115 W
  • Lamp Type :2×55 W / 2×30 W
  • Useful lifetime of the bulb :Min 8000 h
  • Lamp weight type :8,5 Kg
  • Cover type :IP 20
  • Made of stainless steel



Disinfection of the air by means of UV-C radiation in the
flow germicidal lamps is carried out inside a disinfection
chamber. Contaminated air is drawn by a fan – through
a filter catching dust and other contaminations-into the
disinfection chamber. The UV-C tube intensity and a
time during which air remains in the disinfection chamber are
selected so that air blown out from the lamp is
practically free of microorganisms. Velocity of air flow
through the disinfection chamber is therefore selected
as a compromise between a desire to disinfect the greatest volume
of air per time unit and germicidal effectiveness. It should also be
noted that the forced flow of air results in a smooth circulation of air
in the room and thus disinfection of air in the whole room.

Technical Information

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