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2019 Stainless Steel Hospital Furniture


Scrub Sink Double


Scrub Sinks

• Made of AISI 304 stainless steel designed to be used by the
surgery team for hand and nail cleaning before entering the
sterile zone
• Photocell display screen that shows the temperature and
duration of water alternatively from each faucet
• Specially designed with round concave corners, easy to
clean and antibacterial material considering the areas of use
& user’s requests and to be compatible with international
hygienic norms
• Photocell and knee controlled water flow and knee controlled
soap flow at each station
• Thermostatic mixing valve for cold and hot water


• Water and soap faucets are designed to keep hand sanitation
• High grade chrome plating for long life span
• Equipped with water saver


• Designed to prevent splash during washing
• Easy to clean, hygienic surfaces

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